Sunday, August 29, 2010

“But you know that you can’t fight the moonlight.”

Can’t Fight the Moonlight – LeeAnn Rimes

Friday was my last first football game! :)

Alright. Now that that’s over with, I’ll talk about my crafts.

I finished my sister’s Gryffindor scarf. Think it took me long enough? Goodness. I kept procrastinating on that one.


I’m now moving onto a hoodie sweater thing.

sweater pic

I’m super excited about it. We bought this super lush yarn and it is uber soft. And forest green. I love love love that color. It makes my eyes look really green.

sweater progress

Okay, sorry. I know I’m getting boring. But one more crafty bragging moment! This summer I 100_1879made my own dress, and I felt so domestic. Haha. My friend who helped just emailed me the picture that we took right afterwards.

Ignore the awkward angle and smile on my face. I think that it turned out really well for my first dress.

The top part was actually a shirt that I was going to give away because it was too loose and short on me. But instead, my friend convinced me to put some darts in the back and add a waist and a skirt on it.  

The fullness of the skirt makes it feel like a dress from the fifties, and you can’t go wrong with that!

I realize that I sound like a boring old lady or a craft blog.

Oh well. :)

May the force be with y’all.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“A la hoyo en la fondo de la mar.”

There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea [en espanol]

Shoot me in the face.

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but when I say that I’m constantly running, that is an understatement.

I am an officer in key club, NHS, knitting club, and academic bowl team. I’m constantly at officer meetings, club meetings, or band practice. I’m at school from 7:30am to 6:30pm every single day. And then as soon as I get home, I’m doing homework or building club websites.

On the bright side, I was voted NHS sweetheart for homecoming.

At our school, all of the schools in our district are together, and we have a campus fit with four schools, a xc course, softball field, baseball field, tennis courts, stadium, two football practice fields, and a band practice field. Its, literally, a campus. Personally, I love it.

But yeah. Because of this, we have a homecoming parade through campus every year, and all of the schools come out to watch. Every club votes on a girl to represent the club in the parade. They all have to wear ball gowns and ride on convertibles and stuff.

So yeah. That’s me.


I think they voted for me because, as V.P., I am the loudest officer. By far.

But yes, this means that I do not have to march with the band. If you’re not in band, you don’t understand. It is about 90 degrees outside, and you are having to march a mile and a half on asphalt wearing four layers of polyester.

In short, it suckkkkkkkkkkkkks. Everyone gets on the bus afterwards and they are literally drenched in sweat.

Its gross.

I digress.

That night at the game, I have to go out onto the track and be recognized, so I also get out of playing pregame. Hell yeah.

Anywho. Back to my website editing.

I’ll post pictures of my dresses later!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

“I may not wanna get low, but I’ll post it up kind of like a playa do.”

How Low – Ludacris & Shawnaa

The Rave. Was. Awesome.

I ended up wearing these highlighter yellow shorts that I found at Goodwill, my white vneck, and an electric blue tie. One of my girlfriends showed up with a bow tie on too. I got a picture of it, but my phone deleted it somehow [It is a demon device, I swear.], so sadly, I have no pictures to share. :/

It was really really hot. That’s what happens when you put 50 dancing bodies in a three car garage. Its sad when its at least fifteen degrees cooler outside in August than it is inside.

That hot.

Every bit of me was drenched in sweat. It was pretty gross.

But other than that, I had an amazing time! I am a dancing fool, let me tell you. I love dancing so so so much. I may not have great moves, but I have rhythm! I can keep up. Haha.

A lot of people were grinding and all that, which, whatever, I can deal with. I do sometimes, but not to the degree that some of these people were. Oh my goodness, they were bad. Haha. It was crazy. I just stuck to my gay best friend [gbf] and a couple of guys who didn’t get too handsy/dry-hump…y. What can I say. Sometimes the music just gets to you. If that makes me a slut, I’ll deal with that.

At one point there was this freshman who came up behind me and was essentially attempting to do a grope/dry hump combo move on me.

[“Score! Oh, and with a senior girl? Extra points!”]

Best moment of my night. I grabbed both of his hands with mine, removed them from my person, and told him that I had family there and to walk away. [Two of my cousins really were there.] I have never seen someone so scared in my life. I thought he was going to pee on himself. One of my girlfriends started cracking up laughing. Apparently, I’m her new hero.

Caroline, my gbf, and I left like 2 hours in, made a McFlurry stop [Yuummmmm.], and headed back to my place. We all just spent the night over here.


Tomorrow morning, I officially start my online class. I’m taking AP Lit online. I did the first lesson and a half today [Because I’m a nerd. Duh.].

I’m becoming addicted to it.

Its sick. And twisted.

And the best news that my mother has ever heard.

Wish me luck tomorrow.

May the force be with you.


Friday, August 13, 2010

“Shots shots shots shots-shots; shots shots shots shots-shots.”

Shots – LMFAO
But not really.
I’m going to a rave tomorrow night. It’ll be crazy relatively sane. No sex/drugs/alcohol/fun. I’m really looking forward to it.
Everyone is kind of shocked that I agreed to go because I am actually really mellow, but I am so bored lately. All I do is go to school, lead the clubs that I’m in charge of, and go to band practice. I figured that now is as good a time as ever to step out of my comfort zone!
Oh, and I’m dragging Caroline with me. Might as well work on her comfort zone too! Whether she wants to or not…:)
The only problem at this point is that I don’t own neon clothing. I’m going GoodWill shopping tomorrow. If all else fails, I’m just going to rock a white tshirt and cutoffs.
Also, I’m thinking that I’m going to redesign my blog a little bit, but we’ll see what I can come up with.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

“I’ve got your ring around my neck and a couple of nights I don’t regret.”

Want To – Sugarland

Only not. Well, kind of. The ring around my neck was brought back from Costa Rica by my gay best friend. I love it. I used to wear one from my ex, but ya know. Things happen. But I was too used to wearing the necklace, so I just switched the rings out. [I’m stuck in my ways.] This one is prettier anyways.Ring

On the topic of random jewelry that I make and wear, I told you in the last post, I’ve started making new bracelets!

I’ve always made friendship bracelets. I’m pattern reading challenged, but I always make up my own stuff. [My best friend, Caroline, makes really intricate patterned ones from things she finds on the interwebs. She made the yingyang one.]Bracelets

But I have started sewing bands and embroidering words or phrases on them. Plus they have buttons! You can’t beat buttons! No way, no how, bud!

I really like how they are turning out. Mine says “Shoot the moon.” Its a Norah Jones song that I love, and I have always had this love of the moon. I don’t know why, but I just think its the most magical thing ever.Mine

But I digress.

Caroline is back on her Ingrid Michaelson phase [as per her usual.], she asked for “Far away.” on hers. She doesn’t think as far into it as I do, most likely, but this is very fitting for her. She is really close to her brother who is at college pretty far away. And she hates our town and has been waiting to move since the sixth grade.Caroline's

And the buttons!

…I love buttons. Don’t judge me.   

Eh. Judge me. You know they are awesome.

Anywho, the writing stitching on them is kind of janky, but  I’m working on them. The more I do, the better they’ll look.

What do y’all think?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

“Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.”

Love the Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rhianna

I have daddy issues.

Straight up, textbook daddy issues.

You know the drill. Emotionally abusive and/or neglectful father depending on the day. It happens.

I mean, I’m not stripping or hooking or anything, but I always go for guys who treat me like crap. When I date guys who are nice to me, I break up with them pretty quickly. I’m just drawn to people who treat me like crap.

In my most serious relationship, he pretty much ignored me half the time. He wasn’t too bad, but he wasn’t very attentive. Bros before hos, and whatnot. I don’t know. I can handle that. Which says nothing about my dignity. Who wants to always be put second? I accepted that for almost a year.

But as soon as a guy compliments me or pays attention to me, I’m gone. Prime example: J. J took me to his prom last year. He tells me that I’m beautiful and smart, he likes to take me to dinner, he’s charming, he’s really cute, etc. etc. Am I attracted to him? Not really.

Who am I attracted to? Q. A male chauvinist who thinks that called me “dense” last year and likes to insult me as much as he can. He’s not even all that attractive. What the hell is wrong with me? Its like I crave negative attention. I’m just drawn to guys who don’t treat me well, and it is sick and wrong.

I’ve just been so lonely today that I am sick to my stomach. Have you ever felt like that?

Sorry for the emo moment. It just hit me today.

On a higher note, how creepy is this guy that is on Yahoo! Mail?



I’ve been making a new kind of bracelet lately. I’ll put up a post about them in a little bit.

May the force be with you.


Saturday, August 07, 2010

“Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right.”

New Shoes – Paulo Nutini

[I apologize for all of the photos in this post being awful quality. I’ve misplaced my camera, so my cell phone has to do.]

This post is called: Things DB bought when she was supposed to buy things for school.

Yeah, so I always go in meaning to buy school clothes, but then I get distracted…Ooops.

I am, btw, the TJ Maxx goddess. As long as I don’t go in looking for something specific, I always find something that I end up wasting my money on really truly like love.

This week, I got two new dresses from TJ Maxx. It cost me like $40, but they were each over $100 dollars to begin with, so I just had to have them. I mean, I was saving money. Right?Mod dress

First off, I got a dress that makes me feel like Jackie O. And every girl should have a dress that makes her feel like Jackie O. That’s just a necessity. You can’t go wrong with her. Its always classy without looking slutty. I had to get it. I can wear it to church.

Skank skankThe second dress is what my mom called my Skanky Dress. Just like the Jackie O dress, every girl should have her Skanky Dress. Its not really skanky; its just sexier than most things that I own. You can’t tell in the picture, but the straps slant in for a kind of vintage feel. Which is so my thing. I love it.

Plus it makes me look curvy which never happens.

Best part? Its jersey. Yes. Best. Thing. Ever. It comfortable and its not going to get really hot. Striped shirt

I’m so excited to wear it.

Third, I got one of those flowy striped tank tops that is so trendy [sigh.]. I’ve been wearing it with my cut offs, but I was thinking about it today, and I decided to try it on with my little black skirt.

I kind of look heavier in the picture, but in real life, I swear its pretty cute. I like it a lot.

You also can’t see that there is a big bow at the font of this skirt, which sounds ugly, but isn’t. It kind of reminds me of the clothes that the councilor on Glee wears. [Plus, this skirt makes my butt look really good, and you can’t beat that.]

On to my current obsession:

Putting long shirts over dresses so that they look like skirts. It was all started from this picture from Free People [and a random eHarmony commercial.].

Free People outfit

I want this outfit. Actually, I want every outfit from Free People, but that’s a whole other blog post. [And I really really really want those boots. Like really. Did I say really?]

So I went back and played with one of my dresses and discovered that, yes, it really does work in real life too. [I love it when that happens.] I took one of my favorite sun dresses and started layering stuff on it.

Original Dress    Original dress

[Please ignore the pig sty that is my bedroom. I have a nasty habit of throwing clothes all over the floor….And my bed isn’t made.]

Dress with ShirtShirt with Dress<—I actually really like the dress when its paired with my teal shirt. The belt is orange, which I’m iffy about, but I really didn’t feel like stealing my sister’s brown one. I like how the skirt looks all poofy. I have this thing for poofy skirts. They make my legs look uber long, and everyone loves it when that happens.

—>This one is mega blurry. My b. But I paired the dress with my other current obsession, my button up denim shirt. I love it. Its rough, but ruffley a the same time. I think if I wear this one, I’ll put a belt around my waist, but I really like the way that it ended up looking.

But yeah, one of the major reasons that I like doing this is that you now not only have a really cute dress, but a really cute skirt as well. You can wear it far more often, and its super versatile. Plus! It fits dress code! Ah, the days of high school.

And these were the rantings of a fashion junkie.

What are your newest fashion obsessions?


Friday, August 06, 2010

“Times is hard; times is hard.”

Worst Pies in London – Sweeney Todd

So I went to see our local teen theatre’s production of Sweeney Todd tonight.

  • First of all, this was the first teen theatre in four years that I have not been a part of, which is actually pretty sad because Sweeney Todd has my favorite broadway soundtrack. Well, that and The Last Five Years. It was so weird to be out in the audience for a change, but I’m glad that I went to support all of my friends.
  • Second off, Mrs. Lovett is my favorite female character in a musical…ever. I’m more of a Helena Bonne-Carter Mrs. Lovett fan than an Angela Landsbury Mrs. Lovett fan. I don’t know. I just am. But this was an Angela Landsbury type. But whatever. I deal. On the plus/sad side, my best friend’s first words to me when we met up afterwards were, “Yeah, so you would have made a better Mrs. Lovett.”


Way to rip my heart out.

I just didn’t have time to do it this summer, so I couldn’t try out. Arghhhhhh.

  • Third, I went to see the play with a close friend who is moving a state over. And tomorrow is his last day in town. Sad day.

I felt really bad because I felt like I should be spending time with him, but my theatre friends kept coming up and talking to me because I haven’t seen them since last year’s performance. Ugh. That’s just one of those situations where there’s no good option.

  • Fourth [and kind of part of third], I had guys checking me out the whole time tonight. That sounds really egotistical, but its true! I was looking my best tonight. I got game, yo.

But I felt like a total slut, since I was there with another guy. I mean, it wasn’t a date or anything, but still. Also, the resident theatre man slut one of my friends that I never see [and the source of my first kiss…back in the day.] was flirting with me the whole time I was out in the lobby afterwards. While my non-date was standing there. It was weird. I was trying to “dance with the one that brought me” or whatever.

[But I bought his ticket, therefore bringing him…Does that mean that I can dance with whoever I want? Hm.]

  • Fifthly, the guy that played the Beedle? Totally homosexual/gangsta. It. Was. Awesome.

Just sit back and think about that one for a second. Yeah.

Also, entertaining and slightly offensive comment of the day:

[Convo between Sr, my Spanish teacher, and Guillermo, a boy in the class]

Sr.: Un ejemplo de una cosa de limpio? Guillermo? [An example of an object used for cleaning? Will?]

Guillermo: Una mujer. [A woman.]

Sr.: ¡Que horrible! [That’s horrible!]

It was indeed horrible, but oh so humorous.

May the force be with you.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

“Here comes goodbye; here comes the last time.”

Here Comes Goodbye – Rascal Flatts

First off, I’ll start with the whiny and/or sad news.

Tomorrow is my last first day of high school. [See, I told you that I was going to do this.]

It freaks me out. And I can tell that it does everyone else too. Every five minutes, I have someone look at me and go, “Dude. We’re seniors.”

Eloquently put.

Now, for the insanely exciting news.

We got…



Exciting, I know. :) Its not a beamer or anything crazy like that, but we got a car! Jessie and I are sharing it. We didn’t think we’d be able to get one at all.

Its a 2008 Dodge Caliber.

And true, it doesn’t have automatic locks or windows….But hey. If I have something that gets me from point A to point B, then I’m cool. AND it has a beverage cooler in the glove box. Party car Respectable car that will get us to and from our classes.

It really is the ultimate road trip car. It has the cooler, an amazing sound system, and more leg and trunk space than you would think. Its really roomy on the inside.

This picture was taken pre our friends attacking it with car window crayons. Now the windows say, “Hey girl!”, “I’m so hood.”, “Love the new car.”, and, my personal favorite, “Please don’t be mad at me!!”

We named it Excalibur.

Get it? Get it?

[For those of us who need help, its a Dodge Caliber, so we added the Ex to the beginning. Bless your heart.]

Could we been any more nerdy? Haha.

So, that being said, we are trying to come up with a vanity license plate.

Any ideas?



Please watch this video. It made my life.

Thanks! :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

“Summer days are gone too soon; shoot the moon and miss completely.”

Shoot the Moon – Norah Jones

School is almost here, and so goes my daily routine. After this Wednesday, I can no longer lay on the couch all day and watch whichever movie is on tv at the time. Let me just tell you. This routine has been taxing on both my time and my energy. Man, whatta hard schedule.

This weekend, you wouldn’t believe how many Ryan Reynolds movies have been on. I saw Just Friends for the first time, but it was just okay. Actually, it was pretty displaymediaannoying and not believable at all. I know that everyone loves the story of the fat kid who grows up to be rich, successful, and handsome, but his character is kind of a jerk the whole movie. Just because he turns around and is nice in the end doesn’t change that he was a douche for the past hour and a half.

Definitely, Maybe is always a cute one. You just can’t dislike a highly attractive gentleman who is a great dad as well. [It doesn’t hurt that, in the movie, he campaigns for Bill Clinton.] He’s probably the most attractive in this movie. I don’t know. I just really dig it.

But I think my favorite of all is Waiting. That movie is so funny. I Waiting_-_website_poster_-_280px_don’t know why I like it as much as I do, but I just do. If you’re mean to your waiters, watch this movie. You’ll turn it around really quickly. Believe me.

This movie is disgusting at times, and if you don’t like sex humor, its not for you, but I have a nasty sense of humor. There’s nothing like constant penis and/or slut jokes. Besides, Justin Long is in this movie too, and I’ve found that you just can’t go wrong with him. The guy that plays Dr. Sweets on Bones is in it too, but he doesn’t really talk. At all. His facial expressions make the movie though.

Back to the boring, sad thing that is my life.

I got a new planner! This might not seem exciting to you, but my planners are like diaries. I tape all of my movie tickets in there, I always have Dove chocolate sayings all over them, and I draw all over them. I’m a serious doodling addict. I’ve already gotten this one all personalized and stuff. My planner

Have I mentioned that I’m a collage professional? As far as the stuff that I’ve done, this isn’t my best, but its alright.

Its fun to go back through them later to see what was going on when and to reminisce. Its sick and twisted how happy that it makes me, but I deal with that.

Oh, and I stole Jessie’s planner, and stamped stuff all over all of the calendar pages. My favorite has paw prints in a big path along it. :) I know she’ll be excited when she finds out what I’ve done. Haha. Oooooh goodness. I’m going to be  in so much trouble.


On to things that piss me off.

Today’s thing? Our clarinet players. UGH!

Growing up in the South, racism is always a big thing. Being called a racist is one of the worst things to be called, in my opinion. I tell you that to tell you this.

Our clarinet players are primarily black. And all of them have the worst attitude problems that I have ever seen. [Coming from me, that’s pretty serious. I’m known for my attitude.] Their mommas have raised them to thing that the moon and stars revolve around them and that they don’t have to listen to anyone because they are little princesses. They are some of the rudest people that I have ever met. Not to mention, they are really really loud.

Due to these reasons, I don’t like them. However, they think that I don’t like them because they are black.

My favorite accusation in the world. “You don’t like me cause I’m black.”

My response?

No. I don’t like you because you are rude and obnoxious. I have friends that are black that are not like this. I also know people that are white that I dislike for the same reasons.

Get over yourself, and stop pigeon-holing yourselfs in your own little racist bubbles.

That is all for my rant.

May the force be with y’all.