Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"If you need me, I will follow."

Gilmore Girls theme song

Countdown to prom: 2 days

So much shit to do! Tonight, I shortened the straps on my dress and made the chocolate bowls for our dessert.

 Here is the tutorial that we followed to make those.

Now I just have to hem my dress, buy the stuff to make some of the food, enjoy senior breakfast and video, ace my colorguard auditions, and then I'll be set to enjoy prom.

[If I survive.]

I'm thinking that I'm going to do something like this with my hair.

Hippie hair much?
We'll see how that works out. I'm kind of twitchy just thinking about everything I've got to get done.

How are y'all's weeks looking?

Also, my boyfriend Quinn started a blog, and I highly recommend checking him it out! It's called God's Middle Child, which comes from a Fight Club quote. He's just starting out, so leave him some love [or you can just make fun of his sideburns because he needs to shave.]!

May the force be with y'all.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Why should I worry? Why should I care?"

Oliver and Company, yo!

Quinn finally found my blog, so I have to stop saying mean things about him and spreading rumors now. Damn it. He just ruins all my fun.

In other news, I have discovered tumblr, and despite resisting its charms for as long as I could, I am slowly getting addicted to it. My tumblr is in constant use now. [Btw, Kate from Just Give It a Few are becoming tumblr besties. I think I repost almost everything she puts up. She loves how I totally creep on her all the damn time me!]

Also, this upcoming Saturday is my senior prom. I'm super excited...only not because the AP chem exam is the following Monday. And I'm going to die.

But anywho, prom. 

Here's the plan. My and Quinn's moms are cooking dinner, and we're feasting outside at my grandparents' house. They live in the boonies, and it's like their own little hideaway. It's like 2 acres of gardens in the middle of the woods.

It's going to be a hybrid of each of the following, basically.

I'm completely swamped though. I have so much going on this week, and then I have colorguard auditions 45 minutes away that morning, so I'm going to be running all day long. I'm already about to pull all my hair out. It's bad. But fingers crossed, it'll all work out in the end.

Now I just have to plan hair stuff.

Also, shit that made me smile: go here.
[Quinn totally just stole my sharing thunder by saying that he's already seen it, but I can share it on here. HUMPH.]

May the force be with y'all.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Ain't got time for messing around, and it's not my style."

Almost There - The Princess and the Frog

Sorry I've been pretty absent! It's prom and senior breakfast week, and I have so much stuff riding on my shoulders right now! But don't fret; I'll be back soon!

May the force be with y'all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Ain't that a shame? You're the one to blame."

Ain't That a Shame - Fats Domino

It hurts to type this.

No, like it really hurts. Yesterday, I went to a colorguard clinic and succeeded in jamming my two middle fingers on my right hand and bruising the tips of two more. 

So this is painful. That's how much I love you guys. Yeah.

So instead, I show you my latest finished product: a hat for my friend Caitlyn.

It was my first venture into lace knitting, and I like how it turned out. I used a pattern called "The Antelope Hat", which is cool in itself.

May the force be with y'all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"You know the rules and so do I."

It's Karaoke Blog Ring of Death time again, and this month I'm hosting Alicia from The Princess and the Parole! The theme this month is One Hit wonders. Without further ado...

Hey everyone, I'm Alicia from The Princess & The Parolee.  You haven't seen me around "The Ring" much because this is my first time participating.  You wouldn't think I'd have a problem with stage fright, per se, considering I was a drama nerd in High School but let me tell you, I was nervous.
The reason I chose the song that I did was one, like I said in my video, I actually had a dream about it and two, it's a fantastic song.  It's not technically on any one hit wonder lists and most people claim he wasn't a one hit wonder but I beg to differ.
Alright, enough of my drivel.  Onto my overly nervous, under danced, rendition of ...
Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

[The link is acting funny, so if needed go here]

For a list of the rest of the participants, check out Sara's blog, Sara Swears A Lot! [Even if you aren't interested in the rest of the singers, read her blog! I highly recommend it!]

If you want to watch mine...don't. But if you're desperate to see me screech and awkwardly twitch dance, go to Katie's blog here.

May the force be with y'all.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I had planned on doing a post today detailing my "hard decision" about how to do my hair for prom in a few weeks.

However, earlier today, two boys who go to my school were out enjoying one of the last days of spring break and were walking along the side of the road talking with one another. Out of nowhere, two cars had a collision right next to them. They looked up just in time to see a truck spiraling towards them, out of control.

When the paramedics arrived, they found one of the boys dead and the other pinned under the truck.

Rhyan, the boy who died, was in my grade. Timmy was in band with me this past year and is a sophomore.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that Rhyan and I were best friends just because he died. We didn't dislike each other, but I don't know that we've ever had an actual conversation. We just knew of each other because he became best friends with one of my exboyfriends. But it's sad. It makes me feel really sad. We graduate in less than two months. Such a waste of life. Such a waste of potential.

And I just found out that the car that caused the accident was driven by a girl in my grade as well as the truck that hit the boys. The truck driver is one of my decent friends.

What are the chances that all of those involved go to my school, and three are in my grade...I've been going to school with them since elementary school...

I was thinking about this earlier, and I noticed that pre-high school, everything was kind of a happy-go-lucky ride. No one died other than the occasional long distance relative or maybe someone's grandparent. Once I got into high school, though, it's been constantly present.

We've lost three of our students: one when a gun accidentally went off, one to a pregnancy complications, and now one to a car accident. This has all been within the past two years.

I also know of at least six parents who have died, and one of which I was really close to. Another one of the parents was also one of our football coaches. He was in a motorcycle accident and no only left behind six kids but also an entire high school mourning the loss of one of the figures in our lives that we feel is supposed to be constant.

It's like it just doesn't stop.

It's just...sobering.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"If I were a painter, I would paint my reverie."

Painter Song - Norah Jones

So, interesting story. My friend Tori has asked me and some of our other artsy friends to come and paint random shit on her walls. Like, literally. She said, "I'll give you a wall, and I want you to just do whatever you want on it."

Such freedom! Good thing or bad thing?

Her only rule was that I'm not allowed to paint penises on it. Cause I totally was going to bring in a bunch of nude models and paint genitals all over her bedroom wall. Damn it. She's totally ruining my creative process.

She has a crazy obsession with Alice in Wonderland, but this other chick already claimed that one. [Grr. I was really looking forward to that too!] So now, I have free reign. Which, sounds great, but totally isn't.

I have no idea what to do!!

I'm thinking a tree at night with a big moon and touches of Harry Potter stuff. I'll add a broom here or there and maybe a snitch.

Any ideas?

Monday, April 04, 2011

"I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game."

Defying Gravity - Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenowich

When I tell you what my choices for Top 2 Tuesday are, you're all going to think I'm a dork, but seriously. They are fantastic. [Also I'm going to cheat. But shhhhh. Don't tell anyone.]

This week's is Top 2 Songs on your iPod.

This one was kind of difficult for me. I listen to so much different stuff that I almost never have a specific favorite. I love singer-songwriters like Holly Brook, Jason Reeves, or John Mayer, but I have been going through a hip-hop phase like no other recently. [I am a dancing fool after all.] And I haven't even mentioned all of the classic rock and country on there. Oh, and classical too. Oooooh, Disney. Can't leave those out.

But oddly enough, the ones that I have chosen are all from broadway musicals. They just make me happy whenever I listen to them.

  1. Defying Gravity from Wicked I know. It's such a mainstream choice, but I love it so much. No matter how many times I listen to it, it never gets old. It's the ultimate uplifting, defiant song.
  2. For Good also from Wicked I really want this to be our "senior song" for graduation. When I listen to it, it just makes me sad and happy all at the same time. It won't have the same meaning for me later on as it does now, but now, it's perfect. It's about how your friends have been a major part of developing who you are, and even though you're separating, the impact is still there.
  3. Take Me or Leave Me from RENT Now for a non-sappy one. This one just makes me feel spunky when I listen to it. I've always had the tendency to conform to whomever I'm dating's idea of the perfect girl, or tried to at least. Most of the time, I don't even realize that I'm doing it. As I get older, though, I'm kind of getting feisty again. This definitely captures that feeling. [Weird story, bro. This song definitely has Idina Menzel in it too. Just realized that.] But yeah, it's sung by a lesbian couple who are fighting because they want the other one to change, but both say, basically, take me the way I am or leave me. 

May the force be with y'all.

Friday, April 01, 2011

"Portraits of your loved ones are more than what you see. The elements they've captured are more to you than me."

[Holly Brook is amazing. Hers is one of those albums in which I loved every single song.]

Something you might not know about me is that I draw, and occasionally I do a lot of photography. 

More specifically, I draw portraits...rather often. I love doing them so much.  Last year, I even did a book of portraits of my friends as a project for my class. I based it on the song Curious by Holly Brook. 

Check SS's blog out here.

Caroline and another girl

Those are three of the ten that I did. I did all of them in charcoal and pencil, and I loved doing them. Even though I'm not necessarily friends with all of them anymore, I looovvved doing the project, and my portrait skills improved so much.

This semester, I'm in art again. Right now, I'm having to start our painting unit, and we're doing a gridded self portrait with a focus on a specific color. Obviously I chose green. It's a work in progress.

Wish me luck!


Serious progress is being made, you guys. You may not be able to tell, but that's a few hours of hard, painty labor right there! :)