Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happiness is…a warm gun?


…a new Degrassi episode every night! I know, I know. This is beneath me and I need to move on with life, but come on. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure. You are all secretly excited that –spoiler alert- Spinner and Emma just got hitched. It completely made my week.

Moving on.

Caleb Carly  Jake 2 Caroline

….a solid group of friends to pick you up when you’re down [or heavily medicated] and just have a ball with. I love these guys, and I can always trust them to randomly show up on my doorstep, barge into my house, and steal my dark chocolate while I’m laying immobile and woozy on the couch. Thank you, Caroline. Love ya. Hey, what are best friends for?

family…family [er…cousins] that despite all of the drama at school comes through ever stronger and united in the end. The seven of us were born within five years of each other, and we all go to the same high school. Well, three have graduated at this point, but my sophomore year, there were six of us there. Three of us are in the same grade. As you might guess, this leads to competitiveness and even some down and dirty bitch fights [between the guys, of course.], but I know I can always count on them to help me up when I’m having a hard time and mock me mercilessly when I’m not.

Drawing …drawing portraits of my friends! It is the most mellowing activity that there is.

Annnnnnnnd last but not least!

Band…marching band! Technically, it hasn’t happened yet this week, but band camp starts on Friday. Flutes/Piccolos ‘10! Whoo! And when I say that band camp makes me happy, I mean as happy as you can be when you’re spending 12 hour days in the Georgia heat, marching and playing an instrument with a bunch of nerdy freshmen who don’t know what they are doing yet. Haha. Its great. I guess I can’t talk. In this picture, I was one of those aforementioned nerdy freshmen.

[Psssst. I’ll give you a verbal high five if you can guess which one I am in this picture! :)]

Happiness Is...

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¡Hasta luego!



carlotta said...

thanks for joining in! i loved reading what happiness has been to you this week :)

Ariel said...

Spinner and Emma got MARRIED??? Goodness gracious I've missed a lot! I suppose that's what happens when you don't get that channel anymore :(

Kate said...

I think it's reached the point where I should just stop being surprised at how creepily the same we are. Because I totally play the flute in my marching band. It's just too much that we practically have the same first name.

But I have never watched an episode of Degrassi. I was just heavily chastised by my friend Jordin after listening to her go on and on about last night's episode and then admitting never having watched it