Monday, January 10, 2011

"But I want it and I need it; I'm addicted to you."

Addicted - Simple Plan

Alright. Strange addictions.

I am chock full of weird ass ticks things that make me unique.

I've got a few fairly common ones like creeping playing around on facebook and using hand sanitizer [Mom jacked me some hospital antiseptic. It's my drug.]

My weird ones, however? They are definitely food ones. 

  1. Reduced Fat Cheezits and Gherkins pickles Those are the little sweet pickles. Oh my goodness, I love them together. It completely weirds my family out. They can't stand to watch me. I slice my little pickles up and put them on my cheezits and yum! So good. And the Cheezits have to be reduced fat. They are crunchier than the regular.
  2. I chew on and bite things things. Everything. I don't know what it is. Mom says that it is a sign that I'm anemic, but they didn't say that when they took my blood, so who knows? But I definitely have an oral fixation. Even just sitting here thinking about it makes me want to find something to gnaw on. I bite my fingernails until they bleed. I chew on ice all the time. [When we were out frolicking in the snow thick layers of ice pretending to be snow, I was standing there chewing on a hunk of ice and complaining about how cold I was.] When I'm nervous, I sit there and look for split ends and then bite them off. Ooh, I've gotta stop talking about it. I just caught myself chewing on my lower lip. It's horrid!
I have some other things, like eating ketchup on everything and being able to eat things like bread and uncooked potatoes and pasta plain. I'm just bizarre like that. Who knows.

Do you guys have any strange addictions?

Post your top 2, and link up to The Undomestic Momma's Top 2 Tuesday!

May the force be with y'all!


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I wish they made spicy reduced fat cheez its!

Kate said...

I totally get chewing on things. Except it's more of a nervous habit for me. I always chew on my lip or my hang nails.

Samantha said...

I really wish I had some cheez its now!

Those aren't nearly as strange as the ones on the TLC show! Have you seen that?! One lady was addicted to eating toliet paper!

I split my split ends...all.the.time. It is awful.

The head thing at Forever 21 was about 5 dollors I think. It is more simple then some of the ones you pictured!

theTsaritsa said...

Uncooked potatoes? Oh no, don't get sick!!

Stephanie said...

Wierd ticks? Haha! I have some mild OCD, so I have some super ticks, actually. Like, when I get water, I have to fill the glass and dump it twice before I can drink from it. When I used to smoke, I'd have to flick my cigarrette 12 times in between drags. There's a ton more, but I won't list them all, haha. =]

Amy said...

I am ADDICTED to chapstick. I cannot FUNCTION without it in my pocket. When I'm nervous or stressed, I put it on every ten minutes. Then my lips get so soft they disintegrate.

A Babbling Brunette said...

Oh my gosh I bite my nails until they bleed and chew on everything too! Dr told me it's an oral fixation and actually told me to start smoking! LOL!

Paige said...

Very strange addictions! Just stopping by from Taylor's link-up. Have a great week!

Stephanie said...

I tagged you!!

Shann said...

Ketcup on everything? I'm more of a ranch girl!