Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Everyday I'm shufflin'."

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

First things first, today was a momentous [sp?] occasion. Today was the day that my friend Tori handed me a paint brush and an shit ton of black paint and a couple more options and let me loose in her bathroom.

[Does anyone else realize how dangerous this was?]

[It was awesome.]

You can't tell in these pictures, but the floor is black and white checked tile. Tori has a major thing for Alice in Wonderland, so I tried to add a tinge of that in there too. I really like how it came out. It's kind of punky because of the color combination, but it's still neat.

Also, a few tips for when you go to restaurants.

Pet Peeves of a Waitress [and what to avoid if you want timely service.]
  1. Listing off everything you want and then remembering that you want to add avocados, onions, bacon, and cheese to the first thing that you ordered. I have to write it down in order so that the cooks can get it right. When you do that, it just fucks me over and most of the time I have to rewrite it.
  2. When you have 8 plates of food and you tell me that I've forgotten some of it after my first trip. Obviously I'm not done if half of the table doesn't have any food. I realized this. I'm carrying your stuff out, and you don't want me to drop it all, so be patient. [Especially if you ordered an omelet. For some reason, those motherfuckers are always really hot.]
  3. Never needing anything the 500 times that I've checked on you, but when the owner comes and checks on you? You've needed coffee for an hour and I've left off some of your food. Bitches.
  4. Hiding your trash behind stuff on the table. I don't know if it's just human instinct to squirrel stuff, but it's a pain in the butt to find. 
  5. Multiple people ordering coffee and water. Okay, so this isn't really inconsiderate, but good lord. Haha. I can carry a bunch of water glasses, but when you add coffee into the equation? Two at a time, baby. Two at a time. Unless I get out a tray. But who wants to carry a tray with like three drinks on it?
  6. Refusing to look at me. I realize that I'm the help, but goodness. When I'm over there to ask if you need anything, and you make it seem like it's physically painful to look at me and then you dismiss me, it's a wee tad irritating. Just sayin.
That's all for my bitching. Oh yeah, and my knees hurt. And opening at 6:30 sucks.

How have you guys been?


Samantha said...

Haha sorry you have to deal with that, but it does provide some laughs for a blog haha! I don't think I could handle being a waitress. I have little patience, especially for picky people ha!

Kate said...

I have to say my favorite thing about that bathroom is the "down the rabbit hole" by the toilet. That is pure genius.

I should probably show those rules to my dad. I don't want you thinking he's like up-tight or a jack butt. But he's just super impatient. Whenever I go out to eat with him I always try to make up for it or make him be more patient. You're supposed to enjoy dinner out, not stress about.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I enjoyed your list of grievances there at the end.

Anonymous said...

btw. i need some ideas for a clever blog name.

Margaux said...

great list of rules, I'm glad to see I don't think I do any of those! I've heard some waitresses complain about people being picky over pepsi vs. coke and I have to say I'm guilty of that.

Anonymous said...

Now i am absolutely happy I ran across that blogs! You're absolutely good!!
I really want many people would think like you! Carry on the good posts I'm taking a look at you now hahah

Anonymous said...

So i'm absolutely happy I stumbled onto this site! You were so accurate!!
I pray others will believe the same as you and me! Continue the excellent reports I will be reading your site now hahah

Sandy said...

Is it wrong that I giggled at some of your restaurant bits? I feel like people can sometimes be so unkind to wait staff. Mostly the teenagers though (from my experience in watching.) The paint job is pretty neat. Definitely different. :)