Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the first post.

So yeah. I'm not a writer; I'm just going ahead and putting that out there. But every so often, I have random, rambling observations. [My sister's good friend told me once that I am observant to a fault.]

I guess I should write about me a little bit. I'm an upcoming senior, and I'm involved in everything. It'll all kill me in the end, but hey, at least my resume will be too legit to quit.

I have a sister who is 8 months younger than I am, so we're raised like twins. However, she's in the grade below me, so she's moping that I only have one year left and she doesn't.

So, I had a different blog that I just started, but most of the blogs that I try to comment on are blogspot, so I figured that it'd be easier just to bring this old one back up and just transfer all of my other posts over here, sooooo yeah.