Monday, July 12, 2010

“You were looking for a thrill, but you’ve done it all.”

So I’m currently taking my online drivers course. [And yes, I’m 17. No, I don’t drive yet. etc etc.]
The wording of this course is excellent though. I have to read it all with a really dramatic voice.
For example: “In this world, there are laws that you cannot break: the laws of nature.” I just want to add a “Dun dun duuuuuuunidrivesafely_logo!” to the end of it. It sounds like a movie trailer or something!
Its currently teaching me all of the elements of physics though. Like, “Gravity is the force that pulls objects to the earth, even you!”. My favorite, however, was the page that taught me about friction. The passage was nice and  informative about friction and the traction of tires on the road, which is fine. But the accompanying video was an animation of a guy on a motorcycle hitting a parked car and flipping over it. The best part was that every time his head hit the ground, there’s a little arrow pointed to it saying “Friction!”. Poor guy.
Also, “The faster the object is traveling, the more energy of motion it possesses. A small bullet fired from a small gun gains force through speed!” Alright, so now I know that if I ever want to conduct a drive-by, all I need is a small gun. Thanks, driver’s course! You’re the best!
10. You need friction created by your tires and the road _________ to control your speed and direction.
A. signs       B. surface
C. signals     D. markings
I-i-is it A, Mr. Driving course? That’s the one that I would choose!
…Drat. Wrong answer.

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