Thursday, October 28, 2010

“I am seventeen going on eighteen. I’ll take care of you.”

Sixteen Going on Seventeen – Sound of Music
[I hate that musical, to be completely honest. Sorry, Oprah.]
Another writing prompt? I think so!
Today’s? List ten things that you are currently sick of.

(This should be slightly easy. I am rather talented with my whining.)
  1. Poor grammar, especially when spoken by teachers.
What is with our generation? No, that’s incorrect. I apologize to my generation for even saying that. You know who has the worst grammar these days? Teachers. I catch myself correcting them under my breath on a daily hourly basis. What is up with that? This is who is educating the future of our country? No wonder kids never learn how to speak correctly when this is who teaches us. The biggest one? Adverb usage. Por ejemplo: “How did we do on the test?” “The majority of the class did bad.” Anyone else see the problem with that? What is everyone’s problem with using –ly? They are two letters. Ugh. Sorry about the rant. It just bothers me.
2.   People being surprised that Lindsey Lohan is doing drugs again or that Miley Cyrus is dressing like a whore.
They do it like once a month. Seriously you guys? Is this news worthy? Tomorrow, I expect to wake up to “Breaking news: The sky is blue. Oh god! A white fluffy thing seems to be attacking the sky! Stay tuned for further updates!” To be completely honest, it would be a wee bit more interesting.
3.   The two males in my Econ class who keep scoring higher than me on tests in econ.
Like, seriously? One of them is about 13…in a college Micro Econ class. It’s bad enough that he’s that young and in my class. Does he have to get higher grades too? The other one is a high school senior like me, so I’ll cut him some slack.
Hmmm. How much would it suck to be everyone else in the class who is scoring less than the three youngest? That’s gotta burn.
4.   The schizophrenic Georgia weather.
In the morning? It’s 40 degrees. By twelve, it’s 80. By two? Eggs are melting on the sidewalk. Trees are spontaneously combusting. Hair is melting off of everyone who dares to step outdoors. Here’s the sketchy part. What are you supposed to wear? Everyone has been rocking the tshirts with skinny jeans and boots look lately. It’s hot. Speaking of that…
5. Ugg Boots.
Or should I say Ugly Boots. They are SO BAD! And not only are they bad, but people do such awful things with them, such as wearing them with running shorts. Who told them that this is okay?! It is just…horrifying.
6.  Taking online classes.
It is a dreadful experience. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. For serious. Unless you’re a masochist. In that case, it may get you off.
7.  The Debutantes.
No, not actual debutantes. I may be an actual one in a couple of years. No. The “debutantes” is a club at my high school. It is supposed to be a club to teach people manners, but due to its racist advisor, it is basically a club for a bunch of people who are racist against white people to push people around. Especially me. I was the pres of the knitting club because I’m cool which had the same advisor as the Debs. Yeah, no. They used me as their personal sign making bitch, and that didn’t fly with me. Ugh. Don’t get me started on them.
8. Selfish people.
This is kind of a general statement. I think everyone thinks this. But for serious.

          9.  PDA.
Sick nasty. Need I say more?
10.  Seriously racist people.
This one is pretty serious actually. Actually, I think that everyone is a little racist. (Look up “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” from Avenue Q. It has been stuck in my head all day, and it is hilarious in a terrible kind of way.) But seriously. One of my black male friends was dating this white girl, and her guardians found out. They told him that if he talked to her at all anyone, they’d move her to a different school system. He’s been torn up about it for days. It just makes me sick. He’s a good guy.

Hm. That was harder than I thought it would be since I bitch like 98% of the time if not more. :)

On a slightly humorous note:

Q - “Did you know that the Washington Monument is actually a lifesize monument of George Washington’s penis?”
Me - “Yeah. He didn’t actually cut down the cherry tree. He was just turning around, and it got caught in the trajectory of his penis.”

May the force be with y’all.



Samantha said...

I totally agree about the weather!! I'm in SC and it is the same way!!! FREEZING in the morning and hot when I get outta school. No idea what kind of outfit is meant for this weather!! It has been insanly humid here the past coupla days too! I just wish it would get cold and stay cold! I am sick of my short sleeve shirts!

Ugg boots may be ugly but I LOVE them! They are SO comfy...and I happen to love them with leggins and a sweater dress!

Your posts always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

haha I love your posts. I can relate to the psycho weather thing; I live in MD and our week literally went from 80 degrees to 43 in a matter of two October. It's nonsense! I also agree with the horrible grammar part: it is biggest pet peeve ever. As for the Uggs..I have to say, I'm a fan. They're SO comfortable and look cute with jeggings or skinny jeans and a sweater. Also, I wear a uniform everyday and they are one of the few types of footwear that are allowed when it's cold out so..yeah!