Monday, October 04, 2010

“If I win the lottery, you’ll never see me again.”

96,000 – In the Heights

Application to Tech? Check. Done.

Application for Scholarship to Tech? …Damn.

I’m still not done. And it’s due Friday.

And am I working on it now? No. No I am not. Worst. Nerd. Ever.

Ignore the sex goddess thing. I tried to crop it, and it wouldn’t let me…Don’t judge me. Gah.

Instead, I’m sitting here watching Bones. [Booth = hottest person ever.] Like, seriously. My IQ drops every time he comes on the screen. [Until I realize that he’s into nerdy girls, and then it’s right back up there again.]

Excuse me while I go fan myself in a girly Southern belle kind of way. This is better than scholarship essays any day of the week!

May the force [and Booth] be with y’all.


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Kristin said...

Instead of doing the millions of things on my to do list last night...I ogled Jax on Sons of Anarchy. Very productive!