Friday, October 29, 2010

“Say goodbye to one more day and another chance for you to change.”

Tomorrow Never Comes – Teddy Geiger

Eh, there is only one thing that I can really say, and that is that shit happens. You know? Sometimes things end that you don’t want to at the time, but as time goes along, you realize that everything is for the best. A lot of time people confuse being comfortable with being happy. Don’t get me wrong; you can be both. But they are not synonymous with one another.

Shit happens. Sometimes you just have to man up and move past it. If you allow yourself to continue playing the victim, it is your fault in the end. You can let…well, shit rule your life. You’ve just got to let things go.
I think that is a tough life lesson for everyone, and sometimes people don’t even realize that they are learning it.

But whatever.

That’s the end of my soap box for today! On to other things.
Yeah, see that bandwagon over there?

I just jumped on it…or was pushed on it by my friend Caleb. Peer pressure…It’s a powerful force.

But yeah. My twitter account is @vivobailar.  I can’t promise that it’ll be interesting (Is anything on there interesting?) because I don’t yet entirely know the purpose of it…

Any of you Twitter vets have any pointers?

Next, in two weeks, we're having an 80s themed marching band show, and we all have to dress up. Awesome, right?

Only problem. I don't know what to wear! Any ideas? One of my friends is already doing Madonna-esque stuff, and we're trying to convince a couple of the freshmen girls to be Salt & Peppa. ;)

I need help!

And finally, random picture of the week month, I guess. I found it a while back.

Domestic Violence

This was on a scholarship finder that I was filling out. Spooky or just really resourceful?

May the force be with y’all.



Ariel said...

I just joined Twitter not too long ago. It's mainly for me to follow other blogs, but I do post occasionally. It's basically FB but less exciting.

Anonymous said...

I got a twitter [finally] this year too. While at times it can be super amusing, like if all of my followers and I are watching a certain TV show and commenting on it, I still don't find it to be amazing haha.

On a side note, I nominated you for another award!