Sunday, August 01, 2010

“Summer days are gone too soon; shoot the moon and miss completely.”

Shoot the Moon – Norah Jones

School is almost here, and so goes my daily routine. After this Wednesday, I can no longer lay on the couch all day and watch whichever movie is on tv at the time. Let me just tell you. This routine has been taxing on both my time and my energy. Man, whatta hard schedule.

This weekend, you wouldn’t believe how many Ryan Reynolds movies have been on. I saw Just Friends for the first time, but it was just okay. Actually, it was pretty displaymediaannoying and not believable at all. I know that everyone loves the story of the fat kid who grows up to be rich, successful, and handsome, but his character is kind of a jerk the whole movie. Just because he turns around and is nice in the end doesn’t change that he was a douche for the past hour and a half.

Definitely, Maybe is always a cute one. You just can’t dislike a highly attractive gentleman who is a great dad as well. [It doesn’t hurt that, in the movie, he campaigns for Bill Clinton.] He’s probably the most attractive in this movie. I don’t know. I just really dig it.

But I think my favorite of all is Waiting. That movie is so funny. I Waiting_-_website_poster_-_280px_don’t know why I like it as much as I do, but I just do. If you’re mean to your waiters, watch this movie. You’ll turn it around really quickly. Believe me.

This movie is disgusting at times, and if you don’t like sex humor, its not for you, but I have a nasty sense of humor. There’s nothing like constant penis and/or slut jokes. Besides, Justin Long is in this movie too, and I’ve found that you just can’t go wrong with him. The guy that plays Dr. Sweets on Bones is in it too, but he doesn’t really talk. At all. His facial expressions make the movie though.

Back to the boring, sad thing that is my life.

I got a new planner! This might not seem exciting to you, but my planners are like diaries. I tape all of my movie tickets in there, I always have Dove chocolate sayings all over them, and I draw all over them. I’m a serious doodling addict. I’ve already gotten this one all personalized and stuff. My planner

Have I mentioned that I’m a collage professional? As far as the stuff that I’ve done, this isn’t my best, but its alright.

Its fun to go back through them later to see what was going on when and to reminisce. Its sick and twisted how happy that it makes me, but I deal with that.

Oh, and I stole Jessie’s planner, and stamped stuff all over all of the calendar pages. My favorite has paw prints in a big path along it. :) I know she’ll be excited when she finds out what I’ve done. Haha. Oooooh goodness. I’m going to be  in so much trouble.


On to things that piss me off.

Today’s thing? Our clarinet players. UGH!

Growing up in the South, racism is always a big thing. Being called a racist is one of the worst things to be called, in my opinion. I tell you that to tell you this.

Our clarinet players are primarily black. And all of them have the worst attitude problems that I have ever seen. [Coming from me, that’s pretty serious. I’m known for my attitude.] Their mommas have raised them to thing that the moon and stars revolve around them and that they don’t have to listen to anyone because they are little princesses. They are some of the rudest people that I have ever met. Not to mention, they are really really loud.

Due to these reasons, I don’t like them. However, they think that I don’t like them because they are black.

My favorite accusation in the world. “You don’t like me cause I’m black.”

My response?

No. I don’t like you because you are rude and obnoxious. I have friends that are black that are not like this. I also know people that are white that I dislike for the same reasons.

Get over yourself, and stop pigeon-holing yourselfs in your own little racist bubbles.

That is all for my rant.

May the force be with y’all.



Samantha said...

You go back this Thursday!? Yikes I am SO sorry! I thought I go back early!

I HATED Definatly Maybe! I thought it made no sense and was wayyyy to confusing haha! Maybe I just need to rewatch it?

This girl that goes to my school is actually cousins (of some number) with Justin Long...atleast I think that is teh guy.

Kate said...

I think I've watched Waiting at least 15 times. It just never stops being funny. Of course it kind of makes me sick to think about that stuff actually happening... But it's worth it in the end.

And I totally get about the planners. Mine probably contain more doodles, notes from friends, post it notes, etc than actual homework assignments. Me and my friends decided to keep ours and make memory books out of them when we graduate.

Rachel said...

Aww. I know you've already started, but good luck! :]
And I love your planner. Like a lot. I have a doodling thing too. I have to in order to pay attention. It's sad. My planners are always a wreck. It's like a my little pony threw up rainbows all over them.

Graphic. I know. Sorry. But anyways..:d