Sunday, September 26, 2010

“Power is gained by power being taken. So I keep running to protect my situation.”

Vultures – John Mayer 

So I was bored and came upon this chick’s site who has writing prompts. I think I’m going to do one once a week or so…just because they remind me of the MySpace surveys of my youth. Ooooh, happy days.


First one: Top ten fears.

1. The dark

Well…not really the dark, but the fact that you can’t tell what’s there. Its not the dark I’m scared of; its the things that I cannot see, the things that can sneak up on you. I’ve been trained since birth to sit with my back to the wall so that I can see everyone around me and keep tabs on them. Can you tell that I’m a control freak? :)

2. Windows [at night]

This kind of goes back to being scared of the dark. Have you ever thought about it? Its like being in a cage. You can’t see out, but everyone out there can see you. Its terrifying! Almost like a big brother feeling, you know?

3. Clowns and other people in masks

Once again, I’m a control freak. I hate no knowing who people are. And besides that, clowns are just creepy. Last year, I had to do a painting for art of my greatest fear, and you should have seen it. I painted the creepiest clown ever. I would post a picture, but that would scar you as well. It was sick.

Actually, no, I wanted to post it. I just couldn’t find it. I gave the actual painting to this goth chick who thought it was cool.

4. Failure

Doesn’t everyone fear failure? I’m a perfectionist, so that’s the opposite of what I strive to have happen.

I think that’s why so many people set their standards for life so low. They fear failing, so they try to make it near impossible.

5. Heights

Honestly, I think this fear is entirely logical. People are not cats; we do not always land on our feet. Why would we go high up? Duh.

My boyfriend, however, assures me that this fear is baseless. Psssssh. I think he’s an idiot.

6. The kid that could be elected “Most Likely to Bring a Gun to School”

But I guess this one is really illogical. I mean, think about it. Whenever there is a school shooting, everyone on the news says, “We had no idea! We all thought he was normal!”

I don’t know. I just don’t like picking on people, and I try to stop it when I see it. You never know what is going on it someone else’s life and who are we to make it worse?

7. Falling in public when I have a dress/skirt on

I’m so paranoid about this. Like, you don’t even know. I almost always wear bike shorts or soffees under my dresses. Its sick and twisted, but I have to do it. I had a traumatic experience in junior high in which I fell, showed everyone my underwear, and everyone laughed at me…Shudder. It won’t happen again! Haha.

8. Getting on peoples nerves

I don’t know why this bothers me so much. I mean, I have no problem with making them angry. I do that for fun all the time. [I’m weird. Get off my back. So I like to push buttons.] But I have this fear that I’m irritating everyone all the time, so half the time, I just sit there and observe.

9. That I won’t get into college

Isn’t every senior scared of this? I’ve been writing my application essays, and they have made me realize what a crappy writer I really am. I’ve been flipping out for months about how I’m not going to get accepted anywhere and I’m going to have to go to community college.

[This fear isn’t baseless! Douchebag, my infamous ex, had this happen to him! And he’s miserable –hah- here. It could happen to me!]

10. Losing my friends

I have a mouth on me. I’ll openly admit that. I’ve just lost a lot of people in my life. Meh.


Haha. These were a lot more serious than I thought they would be. Interesante.

Check out the Writing Workshop prompts here at Mama Kat’s!:

Mama's Losin' It

I hope your Sunday is going as fabulously as mine! Its been raining here all day long, and I love it.

May the force be with y’all.


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