Sunday, March 13, 2011

"It's just a breakdown; it happens all the time."

Last night when Q was over, we were talking about movies that made us cry.[I forget which one he said that started it. It was something weird though. Men.] 

My response was that, although I most def have cried during movies before, I couldn't think of any. Books, on the other hand....All the time. If you had seen me after I read My Sister's Keeper*, you would have thought I had a family member who died. It felt as if I had a family member die. 

*THAT'S a movie that made me cry. Man. Half of that was disappointment though. They changed the ending, which is unforgivable. And Caroline was crying too. You should have seen us both walking to the car afterwards crying our eyes out. It was one of those good cleansing cries. Best part? All of the people oogling at us. 
(Thank god the only people we saw there that we knew were two of our closest girlfriends who were also crying about a different movie. [One of those Nicolas Sparks ones. Which reminds me of my actual point....We'll get there eventually.] In this town, you can never go to the movies or Target without seeing and having to talk to half the people that you've ever known.)

**Oh, and Valentine's Day as well. That one was half what was going on with my life and half about how much that movie sucked. Who am I kidding? It was mostly about how that movie sucked.

You know how when you say that you never do something, it bites you in the butt? Yeah. That was me in our living room today. 

Last night, I was going through our new movie channels [New movie channels! Whooo!], and I decided to record that crappy movie that Miley Cyrus was in, The Last Song. I've been craving a good chick flick. [Hah. Good chick flick.] Somehow, it slipped my mind that it was a Nicolas Sparks movie.

[I know. What an amateur mistake!]

Today, as I was starting my chem homework, I decided to listen to it as I worked. It'd be a good background thing, right?


Within an hour, I was reduced to a slobbery, blubbery mess. Don't get me wrong; it had the worst acting ever. But man, when that little kid started getting upset? I lost it. I cried for the last half hour of the movie. [I'll be dehydrated for days.]

My mom walked in at the end and fussed at me for not working on my homework, and I was just like, "I'm...sniffle....sorry...! I got...sniffle sniffle...a little distracted...sniffle..." 

[There's no lying at that point. I can't say, "Sorry mom, my chem homework is making me cry like a little baby, so I took a break to watch this horribly sad movie."]

[Wait. I actually think that could be plausible. It wouldn't be the first time chem made me cry. ...Or the fourth...]

Thank god I did though. Now, as I'm finishing my chem homework [4 hours and 11 questions down, 14 to go...], it is quite possible that I'm too dehydrated to cry anymore.

But who knows. If anything can milk anymore tears out of me, chemistry is just the thing to do it.

May the force be with y'all.


Kate Weber said...

I'm the biggest cry baby. I can usually hold it in in movies, but golls, give me a book with a sad ending and I will cry for days. I devoured this book that my whole family had read once, and when the girlfriend dies in the end, I was in a slump for a week. I was walking around the grocery store trying not to burst into tears.

You're not alone!

Samantha said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE The Last Song!!! Ah I too lost it when the little brother was upset. So heartbreaking. I can quote that movie. And pick out scenes. And recognize music from I'm not obsessed hahah.

I liked Valentine's day! I mean not hte best movie at all, but it's fun when you want something that doesn't require much thinking to watch!

My Sister's Keeper was so so sad. That scrapbook...gets me everytime.

I have chemistry next year. not looking forward to it AT ALL!

Ainy said...

I cried so much in the Last Song! I LOVE it!
Yeah My Sister's Keeper was sad as well!!
I'm also very emotional!
Nice Blog!

Follow me?

Kate said...

I always cry when I watch Titanic. I can't help it, why does Jack have to die?! I watched the Last Song with a friend. I didn't cry but I was super close to crying. And I totally agree, the acting was terrible.

Chem has also made me cry, along with Physics. Yuck.

Lex said...

"Fox and the Hound". Always gets me. "Up" too. And "The Notebook". Ahh I cry so much during movies it's ridiculous. I've noticed if there are old people involved, I cry. They just make me so sad :(

Stephanie said...

I hope this finds you well. I passed an award to you, if it makes you feel better. =]

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I'm a weird cry baby, but one nonetheless. Like, I was a stone for Marley and Me, but The Lion King gets me everytime *shrug*

Books will get me too, perhaps even more than movies. So, as other commenters have said, you aren't alone! ;)