Monday, December 20, 2010

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go."

Jessie: Mom, you're just jealous because you can't speak Spanish like Katie and me!

Mom: You wouldn't be able to either if you had my high school teacher! Evil Cuban lady....She used to throw erasers at me!

Jessie: Did you just say razors? She threw razors at you?


Jessie: Well, then why are you complaining? I mean, if she had thrown razors at you like I thought you said, she would have really been evil!

Mom: ...Where did I go wrong with you?

Haha. Ha. Ha.

My family is weird.

Also, victory of the day:

Q likes to embarrass me with PDA as much as possible.

I really dig it when it backfires on him.

Faces and names were blacked out to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.

Also, apparently I have a decent fan base in Denmark! Who knew!

Hello over there!

Got my final Christmas shopping done today. I did all my shopping with my cursed $50 Bath and Body Works giftcard.

Which, btw, still ticks me off!

Was it a gift? No. It was my pay check.

Every year, I do spotlight for my high school's drama production. Our drama department is a huge deal. In fact, they built a huge state-of-the-art auditorium for it last year.

Usually, plays have two spotlights. But in order to avoid training someone new, I'm the only one. I do all the parts.

[I consider it my yearly workout.]

They have a spotlight salary of $50 every year, so I always get paid $50.

When it came to the last night of the production last year, the assistant director came up to my booth with my the form of a $50 Bath and Body Works gift card.

I was ticked.

To begin with, I don't wear scented stuff, and besides, what am I going to do with fifty bucks worth of lotion, soap, and candles?

So, guess what my cousins are getting for Christmas!


May the force be with y'all!


theTsaritsa said...

That's really lame that you got paid in the form of giftcard. What? That doesn't make sense. She could have at least given you an American Express gift check so you could spend it however you wanted.

The convo with you and your mom is really funny :)

DuckieSteph said...

Ooooh. I'd push that card back at him and ask for cash, haha.

My husband does that kind of stuff too, and it often backfires and makes him look silly. Must be a guy thing. =]

Kate said...

My opinion of scents, lotions, bath stuff, etc as gifts is that it's just a cheap way of giving someone a present. I would almost rather not get any type of gift at all. It just comes off as thoughtless. I prefer more thoughtful gifts, or something I'd actually use.