Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Life is a mystery."

Sooooo I'm bored, so I'm doing one of those lame myspace-esque surveys.

[Also, I've been noticing lately that I tend to add esque onto the end of nouns to make them adjectives...Is that allowed?]

[Do I care, really?]

DB's 2010:

Who kissed you on New Year's?
My most recent ex. It was really quick though because my mom, sister, his brother, his best friend, and Caleb were in the room. We didn't have the balls or the indecency to have a full make out session or anything. 

Did you have a New Year's Resolution this year?
To do all of my homework, get all As, and get into college.

Um, yeah. All  Most of my homework got done, I've only gotten two Bs [AP classes. Get off my butt.], and I've gotten into not one, but TWO colleges. I think it counts as a success. 

Does it snow where you live?
No, thank god. I'm such a snow party pooper.

Who was your Valentine?
Said ex that I was dating on NYE. But we broke up on the 15th, so does that even count? I think not. 

When you were little did you buy Valentine's for the whole class?
Um, yes, and they were ballin' outrageous. I also got Christmas presents for half the class because everyone did.

What did you receive for valentine's day?
Nothing. I haven't gotten anything since elementary school. 

Are you Irish?
Yeah, man. My name means "pure Irish girl".

Do you like the rain?
I LOVE rain. Like, I have a reputation for going out and playing in it like an 8 year old. Thankfully, Caroline is the same way, and we feel free to act however we want to. :)

What is your favorite flower?
I don't have one. Does that make me a terrible girl? I have a nasty feeling that it does.

What about a favorite tree? Does that count?

I love willow trees. They are my absolute favorite. I feel like all of them are like the wise one in Pocahontas.

Does that make me seem weird? No...Of course it doesn't....:)

Is May anything special to you?
I'm graduating from high school in May! That is very much special to me!
Oh, and Q's birthday.
Did you do anything fun during this Month?
I was a VBS councilor! :) I know that sounds extremely nerdy, but I love it so so so much! 

The kids are adorable, and I just love getting to know them.

What did you do on the 4th of July?
I adore 4th of July. Every year, a couple of my closest friends and I go to our local symphony orchestra's outdoor concert and the fire works. I bring a quilt, and we all sit in the back talking to each other and seeing everyone who we know there. It is always a blast, and I love it.

Did you go to the pool a lot?
Well, my sister was dating a guy with a pool at the time.

[I got so mad when she dumped him. What was she thinking? Where was I going to go swimming then? How could she be so selfish...? Hahaha.]

Do you like fall better than summer?
As much as I complain about band, I really do love band and football season. I spend a lot of time with my closest friends, and there is nothing like the smell of fall. I can always smell it before I can feel it, and it is such an exciting experience!

What's your favorite candy?
I don't like candy, really.

What were you for Halloween?
Nothing, this year! :( It was so sad. Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday! I've always gone all out for it. 

I just had nothing to do this year. Nowhere to go. Man, my life is lame.

Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving?
My cousins'. 

They live ten minutes away, so it was no big exodus, really.

Do you celebrate Christmas?
Yes. Oh man.

You should see our tree right now. My mom went all out. Because she feels bad about money being tight, she has wrapped each thing separately, so there are presents everywhere.

Not only that, but they all look professionally wrapped. Huge bows, flowers, ornaments....Like she really went all out. 

I'll post pictures eventually.

Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?
What do you love most about December?
Everyone is always in such a loving and giving mood!

Oh, and the sweaters. I love sweaters.
I really want a sweater vest. 

[You hear that, Santa?]

Did you learn Anything New?
I did, actually. After a nasty breakup, I had a pretty low period in which I felt like I had no one. But slowly, I came out of that, and I've become so much closer to all of my friends that I've had all along.

I was like, I had a year to stray from them, but then when I came back, our friendships have all become so much stronger. I love all of them so much. I have trust issues by nature, but I can easily say that I trust and love them with all my might.

It'll be so hard to leave all of them next year, but I know that out relationships are strong enough to last.

Near Death Experience?
Does Q's driving count?

I think it counts.
Lost Some Friends?
Yeah, but that's part of growing up, I think. As we change, relationships change. Sometimes, shit happens. It's better to remember the good times and move on than to keep creating bad ones. Sometimes, you have to man up and move on.

Oh looky there! Another lesson!

That was my year.

It wasn't as boring as that survey, that's for sure. ;)

Btw, I've been knitting for so long today, that I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have claws in the morning. 

Totally worth it...I'm making socks.

Damn straight.

May the force be with y'all.

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Samantha said...

I've been adding "ish" to the end of everything haha so "esque" is definatly allowed!

I may have to steal this survey, its a good look at the past year :0

oh and no worries this was the first year EVER i didn't dress up!