Wednesday, January 05, 2011

"The little things, they always get you down."

The Little Things - Good Charlotte

Today was a bad day.

No. That sounds too...generic. This was no generic "Yeah, this was kind of an irritating day, but I'm just going to blow off some steam by joking with friends and eating shit tons of pasta." bad day.

Hmm. Catastrophic maybe? No...Too meteor killing all the poor dino souls for me.

Today was horrible.

[I gave up on vocab. My brain melted in third block. Bare with me.]

[Bear with me? I never know which one it is...Hm.]

It all started last night when my AP Chem teacher called me to tell me that I epic failed the quiz she gave on the first day [My words, not hers. Although that would have been cool.], and if I wanted to take it again, I needed to come to her room at 7:30.

[Not that that is different for me. Jessie makes me get there at 7:30 every day anyways. Whole other rant. I digress.]

Quizzes are not the best way to start off a sunshiney day.

And it turns out that I don't like a single one of my classes. They are all really really crowded.

So my level of stress just kept building until Breakdown Number 1 at the beginning of sociology.

Which would be my favorite class if the people around me would shut the hell up long enough for us to learn anything.

I moved on to AP Chem and discovered that the same people who talked in Soc? Yeah. They're in this class too.

I learned nothing.

After school, I have academic bowl, which I used to love. Until I realized today, the people who talked through Soc and AP Chem? You guessed it. They're on there too.

I'm also the only female on the varsity team, so when I'm left in charge, no one listens to me except my friend Matty. Q doesn't even listen because he's good friends with all of the others.

When Q and I were walking to his car, I had Breakdown Number 2, thanks to the academic "coach".

[Emphasis on the quotation marks.]

He just takes roll and then leaves. He fussed at me because I finally gave in to everyone and said that flannel shirts could be our uniform for our next meet. "All decisions have to go through me!"

I think that if you want to be in charge of the decisions, take the responsibilities as well.

I've been on academic bowl since I was seven. It has always been my favorite thing ever.

I cannot stand it now.

It just breaks my heart.

On the way to his car, as I was sobbing, Q proceeding to apologize for everything, but it doesn't mean that it's not going to keep going on. He just wanted to calm me down.

And tomorrow, I'm dropping out of AP Spanish. I can't keep up with all of my work and it is only the second day. There is no way that I'll survive.

That's all for today. I have to go write a two page paper, do a take home test, and do five worksheets.

Oh, I forgot. A little bit of amusement.: is a homophobe.

May the force be with y'all.


Samantha said...

I'm sorry about your day. That really sucks! Things will get was only the 2nd day!

I HATE people like your "coach". Our sophomore class "president" is the same way. I could go on and on haha. He basically does NOTHIHG. My friend is VP and she has to do everything. He can't even remember when our Project club meetings are. He got out of the class your supossed to take if your president or vp. Iswear he only won because his mom is a teacher!

I wish there was a way to send those people away. Forever.

theTsaritsa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your craptastic day, but we all have to go through them. If not, happy times don't seem as special.

Kate said...

That totally blows. There's people like that at my school. Sometimes you just want to get up and punch them in the face. It seems like teachers always load on the homework second semester. In basically all of my classes I have a project to do.