Tuesday, January 04, 2011

"Hoy por ser día de tu santo, te las cantamos a ti."

Las Mananitas - Mexican Folk Song

It's my 18th birthday! :) That's all I really have to say because I'm exhausted. AP Chem is a  bitch, and all I've been through is the first day. Holy shit. I just called the teacher because someone told everyone to, and I epic failed a quiz we had to take today. I got a 29 out of 48. Dude, yeah. Bad.

Oh, and my closest male friend and his sister got me a pillow pet! How legit is that?!

[The answer to that is "Really really legit".]

It's a yellow jacket.

[Cause I'm going to Tech. Get it? Get it?]

Oh, and a pretty legit purse from my mother. I'll post pictures tomorrow. It has a tree on it.

Um, yes.

Later! I've gotta go have dinner with my mom, sister, grandparents, Q, and all my cousins.


Samantha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Another January ahah! Hope it is awesomee!

AP chem sounds awful. Actually, any subject with "AP" in front of it sounds bad. But especially one having to do with science! GOod luck! No worries haha I got a 69 on my last bio test. Yay for meosis and mitosis...not.

kara lynn said...

happy birthday!!!

and have a lovely dinner!

DuckieSteph said...

Happy Birthday to you! Mine is in four days. I'll be the big 21. Oooooooh boy!

And school is tough. Just stick with it. You're almost done! =]

Kate said...

happy belated birthday!!