Saturday, March 05, 2011

"We are family! All my brothers, sisters, and me!"

We are Family - Sister Sledge

Sisters. Such a complicated topic for many people. I guess, siblings in general, really. 

I mean, everyone most people love their siblings because you have to as family, but do you truly like them? And if you do, are you friends or is there too much of an age difference?

My sister, Jessie, and I are eight months apart. And I'm older.
[No really, old people. I am. Yes, I realized that her boobs are far bigger. Thank you. That means NOTHING.]

In some ways, we are the same person, but in other ways, you couldn't meat meet anyone more different. [Haha. It's funny because she's a veggiesaurus.]

That being said, my sister and I have always been really tight. When we're both in good moods, we have some of the funniest conversations ever. 

For example, tonight:

Mom: I wonder how people came up with the saying "The shit hit the fan"...

Jessie: Wouldn't that be the best revenge plan ever? It's just like, "He really pissed me off....Hmmm...That fan is conveniently placed...I wonder if...." and then BAM!

Me: Or just bag it and place it up on one of the blades so they turn on the fan, not suspecting anything.

Jessie: Yeah! Put a pile on every blade, so one falls on them, and they are just like, "Oh man! That is so gross! But at least it's over..." and then all of a sudden, they are just dropping out of nowhere. The person is trying to dodge them like it's 'Nam. Gotta hate that Agent Brown."

Mom: You two are just wrong.

Or the fact that she is convinced that I need a mid-eval man with a trumpet to follow me around, and whenever I say something mean, they go, "'Doo doo doo dooooo.' The queen has spoken!" and then just ride off into the sunset.
[Seriously. We had this conversation today and I thought she was going to wet herself she was laughing so hard. She then started doing this after everything that I said.]

She's a mess.


Samantha said...

wow 8 months??? that must be sorta fun!!

My brother and I are 3 years apart. We get along for the most part, but he is in that awkward-middle school-I am so cool thing and it is REALLY annoying.

I definitely started the Truth About Forever again last night after writing that post hha! I am gonna preorder her new book if I can remember!

Stephanie said...

My brother and I started out as good friends. We're only 2 years aprart [him being older]. Buuut life played him a shitty hand, and I was the "golden child" and all that b.s.

I remember hiding my report cards from my dad so that he wouldn't rub them in my brother's face that I got good grades and he didn't. All of that put a huge strain on our relationship and is probably why we're no longer friends. It's a shame, really. I would've killed for a good relationship with him.

And a sister?? Sometimes I wish that I had one out there somewhere; like, my dad had an affair with a secretary or something, you know? Is that wrong of me? Because I'd think it's bad ass. =D

theTsaritsa said...

haha, the Queen has spoken! I could get used to that :)

My sister and I get along really well, we're four years apart. We fight, too, but she's my best friend.