Sunday, March 27, 2011

"You sing a sad song just to turn it around."

Bad Day - Daniel Powder

Sorry I've been slacking on posting....except that I'm not. I have a legitimate excuse.

Last Wednesday, my grandfather came down to the house after mowing the pasture. He was feeling a little dizzy, so he decided to drive his gator back up to the house. He knew he wouldn't make it walking. As soon as he started driving, however, he passed out. This led to him rolling his gator down a ten foot embankment into a creek and hitting his head on a rock.

My grandmother was in the bathtub, so she didn't even know he was gone for about thirty minutes. He spent about 45 minutes unconscious in the creek before grandmother found him and called the ambulance.

We met the ambulance at the emergency room, and we found out that he had a dislocated shoulder and a subdural hematoma. I sat on the counter studying for my chem test AKA the impending doom in my life for four hours while they did basically nothing. Piece of shit hospital.

Best part? They transferred him to a hospital 45 minutes away at about two in the morning, and then they discharged him at ten am. What?

So we've been going back and fourth babysitting him and going to school. If we left them alone, my grandmother would kill him. She is senile as mess, and all she wants to do is garden. She keeps leaving him alone and over medicating him so that he won't mess with her. We had to go out there and hide the pain meds. Like seriously.

So, we'll see.


Samantha said...

Oh my goodness!! I am so sorry that happened!!! I hope he recovers fast and easily! And well...the pain killer thing sounds like something that could EASILY happen in my family haha!

Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! He will definitely be in my prayers. (I know that's kind of cliched but it always helps me to hear that.)