Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Hi, I've gotta little place nearby; wanna go?"

The Call - Backstreet Boys

So, I'm officially moved into my first dorm room. And honestly? Not bad at all. It's a suite style, so it's bigger than the other freshman rooms. I also only have to share my bathroom with three other girls. Um, yes.

The thing that's going to take the most getting used to is the fact that just about everyone else on my hall is male. I've only seen one other female suite. So, thus far it's like 8 girls to about 40 guys. This is coming from someone who has never really lived around males except for a few years of every other weekend trips to my father's. So it's odd. My house is all estrogen all the time. 

Plus side? With our beds bunked, we have a futon that fits in here nicely. It really is a big room. It's pretty ballin. Not even going to lie. Oh, and my roommate and three guys that live in the buildings next to ours all are my buddies from high school. It's kind of easing me into the transition.

After two hours of intensely focused work [hah], Matty and I got the futon together!
Matt and I got the futon together, and we christened it by watching Bring It On together. And by that, I mean, we had it playing on my computer and sat there quoting all of the lines over the movie. We've seen it far too many times.

More pictures to come when Manda unpacks her boxes!

May the force be with y'all.


Anonymous said...

awesome! have fun!

Kate said...

So exciting! Most of my friends graduated last year and hearing them talk about moving into their dorms makes me extremely jealous.

Amy said...

yay, have a fun dorm experience! :) but sharing the building with BOYS? ewwww boys smell, that is unfortunate!

Christopher said...

You're in Atlanta?! What brings you hear? I haven't actually read your post yet, I'm just reply to your comment on Death Is Like a Lemon. So it'd be awkward if you explained this in your blog post just now. Which I think I'm going to go read now.

Natalie said...

hoe you have fun!