Monday, July 19, 2010

“Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through.”

Excuse the title. Being couch-ridden, I’ve been watching Degrassi all day long. And I must say, having that many attractive males at one school isn’t natural! It kind of makes me want to move to Canada. Only…not really.real-world
So yeah. Back to my dilemma. I was laying here like an innocent sicky watching Real World. I  was just sitting here watching one of the overly testosterone’d guys tie his latest skank ho’s bra onto his wall when I realized….Oh my god. I have the same bra.
Is this a sign?!

I didn’t even know that they made that bra in non-training bra sizes!

One of my guy friends informed me that this means I’m well on my way to being a skank ho, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on his part. So I decided to ask a female. One of my girl friends assures me that it means nothing. Actually…no…she didn’t. She just said, “Oh, aren’t you bigger than that?” When I told her thanks, and that yes, I am a bigger person than that.
Her response? “Oh. Haha. I was talking about your bra size. You’re bigger than a training bra, right?”

[The pain of her not taking my side was only worsened by the fact that no, I am not all that much bigger than a training bra. Sigh.]

Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Not what I wanted to hear!

Humph. :(

[Disclaimer: All complaints in this entry are purely because I am extremely bored and find myself humorous. I do not actually think that having the same taste in bras as a promiscuous woman….female…thing makes me a skank ho. And yes. That is a purely scientific term.]

Enough about my boobs, or lack-there-of. Wisdom teeth update!

Day three:

  • Woke up at the break of noon
  • Felt like crap, so I went back to bed…..err…couch.
  • My sister, feeling too big for her britches, decided she was too good for the the living room, and moved back to her room.
  • She promptly fell ill. [Laziness always wins out in the end.]
  • Laid here here watching Degrassi and wishing that this small town had cute guys like that.
  • Gave up on not eating solid foods and started sucking on Cheezits [the breakfast/lunch/dinner of champions]
  • Kept a heating pad on my face all day long. That’s dedication.
  • Asked my mom if my swelling had gone down and she said yes and then moved all reflective surfaces out of reach.
  • My best friend got home from camp. She texted saying that she’ll finally come and visit me and that she’s sure I’m the “cutest little chipmonk in the tree”.
  • Wondered how I chose my friends
  • Talked to an old friend into the wee hours of the morning about how sad he is that my “hot/pretty/beautiful/sexy” good friend is in a partnership that tortures each other and everyone around them with their arguments relationship and will not date him. More on her on a later date.


Gotta go. A throbbing pain in my jaw and mild pain killers are calling my name.


Bre said...

Trust me. Bigger boobs aren't all that great.

And it's good real life boys aren't like Degrassi boys. They'd end up acting like them too.. haha.

Ariel said...

Ha, no worries on bra sizes. I'm only an A but people are like, "Really? You look so much bigger!" And I'm like... wow thanks. Haha.

chelsea rebecca said...

hahaha i know the exact episode of real world you are talking about... oh man.. that was not classy at all. hahahah.