Saturday, August 07, 2010

“Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right.”

New Shoes – Paulo Nutini

[I apologize for all of the photos in this post being awful quality. I’ve misplaced my camera, so my cell phone has to do.]

This post is called: Things DB bought when she was supposed to buy things for school.

Yeah, so I always go in meaning to buy school clothes, but then I get distracted…Ooops.

I am, btw, the TJ Maxx goddess. As long as I don’t go in looking for something specific, I always find something that I end up wasting my money on really truly like love.

This week, I got two new dresses from TJ Maxx. It cost me like $40, but they were each over $100 dollars to begin with, so I just had to have them. I mean, I was saving money. Right?Mod dress

First off, I got a dress that makes me feel like Jackie O. And every girl should have a dress that makes her feel like Jackie O. That’s just a necessity. You can’t go wrong with her. Its always classy without looking slutty. I had to get it. I can wear it to church.

Skank skankThe second dress is what my mom called my Skanky Dress. Just like the Jackie O dress, every girl should have her Skanky Dress. Its not really skanky; its just sexier than most things that I own. You can’t tell in the picture, but the straps slant in for a kind of vintage feel. Which is so my thing. I love it.

Plus it makes me look curvy which never happens.

Best part? Its jersey. Yes. Best. Thing. Ever. It comfortable and its not going to get really hot. Striped shirt

I’m so excited to wear it.

Third, I got one of those flowy striped tank tops that is so trendy [sigh.]. I’ve been wearing it with my cut offs, but I was thinking about it today, and I decided to try it on with my little black skirt.

I kind of look heavier in the picture, but in real life, I swear its pretty cute. I like it a lot.

You also can’t see that there is a big bow at the font of this skirt, which sounds ugly, but isn’t. It kind of reminds me of the clothes that the councilor on Glee wears. [Plus, this skirt makes my butt look really good, and you can’t beat that.]

On to my current obsession:

Putting long shirts over dresses so that they look like skirts. It was all started from this picture from Free People [and a random eHarmony commercial.].

Free People outfit

I want this outfit. Actually, I want every outfit from Free People, but that’s a whole other blog post. [And I really really really want those boots. Like really. Did I say really?]

So I went back and played with one of my dresses and discovered that, yes, it really does work in real life too. [I love it when that happens.] I took one of my favorite sun dresses and started layering stuff on it.

Original Dress    Original dress

[Please ignore the pig sty that is my bedroom. I have a nasty habit of throwing clothes all over the floor….And my bed isn’t made.]

Dress with ShirtShirt with Dress<—I actually really like the dress when its paired with my teal shirt. The belt is orange, which I’m iffy about, but I really didn’t feel like stealing my sister’s brown one. I like how the skirt looks all poofy. I have this thing for poofy skirts. They make my legs look uber long, and everyone loves it when that happens.

—>This one is mega blurry. My b. But I paired the dress with my other current obsession, my button up denim shirt. I love it. Its rough, but ruffley a the same time. I think if I wear this one, I’ll put a belt around my waist, but I really like the way that it ended up looking.

But yeah, one of the major reasons that I like doing this is that you now not only have a really cute dress, but a really cute skirt as well. You can wear it far more often, and its super versatile. Plus! It fits dress code! Ah, the days of high school.

And these were the rantings of a fashion junkie.

What are your newest fashion obsessions?



Margaux. said...

The third outfit is cute!

Rachel said...

Ah, the shirt over dresses is a really good idea! I might put this to use if I can find some good tops! Definitely following you. ;]

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog! I loved yours! and I loooved the ideia of shirts over dresses! :)

Ariel said...

I have a brown (strapless) dress that I wear shirts over all the time :) I love it!

Josie said...

I really, really like that outfit you posted by Free People! cUTE! Your outfits you put togther are really cute!

Summer Wind said...

Just came across your blog and I love it! Your outfits are so adorable!