Friday, August 06, 2010

“Times is hard; times is hard.”

Worst Pies in London – Sweeney Todd

So I went to see our local teen theatre’s production of Sweeney Todd tonight.

  • First of all, this was the first teen theatre in four years that I have not been a part of, which is actually pretty sad because Sweeney Todd has my favorite broadway soundtrack. Well, that and The Last Five Years. It was so weird to be out in the audience for a change, but I’m glad that I went to support all of my friends.
  • Second off, Mrs. Lovett is my favorite female character in a musical…ever. I’m more of a Helena Bonne-Carter Mrs. Lovett fan than an Angela Landsbury Mrs. Lovett fan. I don’t know. I just am. But this was an Angela Landsbury type. But whatever. I deal. On the plus/sad side, my best friend’s first words to me when we met up afterwards were, “Yeah, so you would have made a better Mrs. Lovett.”


Way to rip my heart out.

I just didn’t have time to do it this summer, so I couldn’t try out. Arghhhhhh.

  • Third, I went to see the play with a close friend who is moving a state over. And tomorrow is his last day in town. Sad day.

I felt really bad because I felt like I should be spending time with him, but my theatre friends kept coming up and talking to me because I haven’t seen them since last year’s performance. Ugh. That’s just one of those situations where there’s no good option.

  • Fourth [and kind of part of third], I had guys checking me out the whole time tonight. That sounds really egotistical, but its true! I was looking my best tonight. I got game, yo.

But I felt like a total slut, since I was there with another guy. I mean, it wasn’t a date or anything, but still. Also, the resident theatre man slut one of my friends that I never see [and the source of my first kiss…back in the day.] was flirting with me the whole time I was out in the lobby afterwards. While my non-date was standing there. It was weird. I was trying to “dance with the one that brought me” or whatever.

[But I bought his ticket, therefore bringing him…Does that mean that I can dance with whoever I want? Hm.]

  • Fifthly, the guy that played the Beedle? Totally homosexual/gangsta. It. Was. Awesome.

Just sit back and think about that one for a second. Yeah.

Also, entertaining and slightly offensive comment of the day:

[Convo between Sr, my Spanish teacher, and Guillermo, a boy in the class]

Sr.: Un ejemplo de una cosa de limpio? Guillermo? [An example of an object used for cleaning? Will?]

Guillermo: Una mujer. [A woman.]

Sr.: ¡Que horrible! [That’s horrible!]

It was indeed horrible, but oh so humorous.

May the force be with you.


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Josie said...

Oh! "Sweeney Todd"! I've been wanting to listen to that music for awhile, just need to get it from the library....