Wednesday, September 29, 2010

“I’m a slave for you.”

Slave 4 U – Britney Spears

First off, Britney Spears episode of Glee = love. While it definitely was not the best episode ever, I’m such a Britney fan. Don’t ask why cause I have no idea. Worst. Feminist. Ever. I know.

Second, estoy muerta. Muerta, I tell you. College early decision apps season is hell. I finally finished my Tech essay this morning, and now I’m stuck begging people to proof it because its due on Friday. Yeahhhh. I’m never going to get into college.

No time for sleep though. I have multiple ones left. Oh so lame.


May the force be with y’all.

Its sure not with me.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

“Power is gained by power being taken. So I keep running to protect my situation.”

Vultures – John Mayer 

So I was bored and came upon this chick’s site who has writing prompts. I think I’m going to do one once a week or so…just because they remind me of the MySpace surveys of my youth. Ooooh, happy days.


First one: Top ten fears.

1. The dark

Well…not really the dark, but the fact that you can’t tell what’s there. Its not the dark I’m scared of; its the things that I cannot see, the things that can sneak up on you. I’ve been trained since birth to sit with my back to the wall so that I can see everyone around me and keep tabs on them. Can you tell that I’m a control freak? :)

2. Windows [at night]

This kind of goes back to being scared of the dark. Have you ever thought about it? Its like being in a cage. You can’t see out, but everyone out there can see you. Its terrifying! Almost like a big brother feeling, you know?

3. Clowns and other people in masks

Once again, I’m a control freak. I hate no knowing who people are. And besides that, clowns are just creepy. Last year, I had to do a painting for art of my greatest fear, and you should have seen it. I painted the creepiest clown ever. I would post a picture, but that would scar you as well. It was sick.

Actually, no, I wanted to post it. I just couldn’t find it. I gave the actual painting to this goth chick who thought it was cool.

4. Failure

Doesn’t everyone fear failure? I’m a perfectionist, so that’s the opposite of what I strive to have happen.

I think that’s why so many people set their standards for life so low. They fear failing, so they try to make it near impossible.

5. Heights

Honestly, I think this fear is entirely logical. People are not cats; we do not always land on our feet. Why would we go high up? Duh.

My boyfriend, however, assures me that this fear is baseless. Psssssh. I think he’s an idiot.

6. The kid that could be elected “Most Likely to Bring a Gun to School”

But I guess this one is really illogical. I mean, think about it. Whenever there is a school shooting, everyone on the news says, “We had no idea! We all thought he was normal!”

I don’t know. I just don’t like picking on people, and I try to stop it when I see it. You never know what is going on it someone else’s life and who are we to make it worse?

7. Falling in public when I have a dress/skirt on

I’m so paranoid about this. Like, you don’t even know. I almost always wear bike shorts or soffees under my dresses. Its sick and twisted, but I have to do it. I had a traumatic experience in junior high in which I fell, showed everyone my underwear, and everyone laughed at me…Shudder. It won’t happen again! Haha.

8. Getting on peoples nerves

I don’t know why this bothers me so much. I mean, I have no problem with making them angry. I do that for fun all the time. [I’m weird. Get off my back. So I like to push buttons.] But I have this fear that I’m irritating everyone all the time, so half the time, I just sit there and observe.

9. That I won’t get into college

Isn’t every senior scared of this? I’ve been writing my application essays, and they have made me realize what a crappy writer I really am. I’ve been flipping out for months about how I’m not going to get accepted anywhere and I’m going to have to go to community college.

[This fear isn’t baseless! Douchebag, my infamous ex, had this happen to him! And he’s miserable –hah- here. It could happen to me!]

10. Losing my friends

I have a mouth on me. I’ll openly admit that. I’ve just lost a lot of people in my life. Meh.


Haha. These were a lot more serious than I thought they would be. Interesante.

Check out the Writing Workshop prompts here at Mama Kat’s!:

Mama's Losin' It

I hope your Sunday is going as fabulously as mine! Its been raining here all day long, and I love it.

May the force be with y’all.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

“My stupid mouth has got me in trouble; I said too much again.”

My Stupid Mouth – John Mayer

I have gained a couple pet peeves in the past week. I guess I’ve always had them, but they are just coming out stronger.

1. People coming up to you when you’re chilling with your boyfriend and saying “Hey, I hope I’m not interrupting a moment, but…”.

And they usually giggle after they say it. So obnoxious. I mean, first off, obviously, if there was a moment, you interrupted it. Simple as that. And they don’t really hope that they aren’t, they just want you to feel awkward. And you do. It only really applies when you walk up on someone making out and you say it sarcastically. Seriously, people.

2. Similarly to the last one, people coming up to you and said boyfriend and going, “Awww! You guys are so cute!”

What do you say to that? Thank you? They always say it in a baby-talking voice. What is the etiquette for this? Do you say thank you back in baby talk or in my normal monotone? If I stick to the monotone, I sound like a bitch or it gets really awkward. What am I supposed to do?! They don’t teach this in cotillion!

3. Overly moralized people.

That’s not exactly right, but I don’t know what to call it. But for example, this chick in my section is friends with benefits with her ex, but she won’t admit it. I’ve talked to several people who saw them kissing. But she still says that they are just really close friends who have deep conversations. When she told me this, I just said, “Yeah, conversations with a lot of tongue.”  You think she cut me out of her will? I just figure, if you’re going to do it, own up to it! “Do not do what you would undo if caught.” ‘Nuff said.

4. Open PDA

Okay, I’ll admit that I have made out with Q. with others around. But, in my defense, it was pitch black, and we were sectioned away in our own little bus seat. There are kids in band who openly kiss out in front of everyone. And that’s not the worst of it!! One couple plays grab ass all the flippin time. It is so nasty. It just makes everyone else in the room feel uncomfortable.  Ugh.

5. The French language

I’m sorry if you’re French. Sorry for you. But seriously? The language sounds like everyone has a nasty head cold and needs to hock a logy. Its gross and phlegm…y. The classroom in which I take my online class from hell also contains a couple AP French students. I get so distracted from my work because I’m dying to give them all cough drops. I’m sorry, but if that’s a romance language, then maybe its true that romance is dead. It died due to lack of proper decongestants.

I had more, but I’m too tired to remember right now. Band is getting to me.

May the force be with y’all.