Saturday, January 01, 2011

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot..."

Auld Lang Syne

New Years was decently rockin'.

We had a few friends over, and we watched Easy A [again].

Just a break in the New Years stuff to talk about this movie. Easy A is pretty awesome. No, really. It is. I'm not your typical chick flick kind of girl. Don't get me wrong. I can watch them with the best of them. But I don't necessarily like them. I definitely don't love them. Except this one. This is the most intelligently funny movie that I have seen in a long time. Even Q liked it. If you haven't seen it, do. Now.

Back to New Years.

Q pulled out all the stops with the NYE kiss. 

I'm talking the war-is-over-sailor-and-nurse photograph kiss.

Well...No one ever said that we didn't have a flair for the dramatic. :)

And as for my family's annual tradition:

Things in 2010 I'm most proud of: 
  • I got accepted to Georgia Tech and Mercer University; both of which are great engineering schools. 
  • I figured out who my real friends are, and we've all become closer than ever. 
  • I worked really hard in my classes, and I got everything done. [I may or may not have a nasty habit of not doing my work. Cough. Cough.]
My New Year's resolutions:
  • To keep up with all of my work this semester. I'm in AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Spanish, and sociology. It is a heavy semester, and if I get behind, I'll never catch back up.
  • To stay in a stable emotional state. I tend to get really depressed, and when I do, I pick fights with people. I need to work on realizing that's what's going on and just backing off.
  • To start out my freshman year of college on a high note! I'm beyond excited, but really scared.
Also, my 18th birthday is in 3 days. 

I'm officially old enough to go clubbing, get tattoos, and buy tobacco products buy things off of infomercials, buy spray paint, and get an account on eBay. Woot!

As for my birthday presents:

I got a laptop! Okay, so I paid for the majority of it....But I got $150 to put toward a lap top!

 Also, a straightener! My old one is kind of janky, and all of the ceramic had worn off the plates, and my hair was completely dying.
Ain't she cute?
Overall, I'm really excited for this year, but in complete honesty, I'm scared to death as well. Scared of leaving my family, scared of losing my friends, scared of Q joining the military... It's a changing point in my life, and I just have to push through it. I will survive.

I hope so, at least.

May the force be with y'all!


Ashley Hasty said...

I'm new to your blog...I saw your comment on ExPresso and thought I'd bop on over to your blog and say a quick hello!

<3 Ashley

Christina In Wonderland said...

Congrats on both Georgia Tech AND Mercer. Great schools! Good luck in your next semester! Keep up those AP classes and don't let it stress you out too much! :)